Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thank You Video

When Bryan arrived in Landstuhl, Germany after he was blown up, I knew he was in good hands. I received frequent updates and the nurses even allowed me to talk to Bryan after he was off life support. Even though we only spoke maybe a minute before he got sick, it eased my mind to hear his voice.

I tried to find a way to send a thank you note to the nurses once he arrived at Walter Reed, but I couldn't figure out who they were.

Here a video that we filmed in NY after a fun day of skiing. Finally we get to thank the selfless nurses that take care of our Nation's wounded warriors. We are so thankful to all the nurses active in his recovery.

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Warren said...

Very moving, and also very exciting. We named Bryan and about 25 other servicemen/women in church Sunday to pray for by name.