Saturday, January 3, 2009

Working Out

Bryan got this amazing grant from the Admiral F. Hoffmann Foundation for work out equipment. Since I am the craiglist queen I found a great Bowflex revolution for about half the cost of buying it new. It has been sitting in the basement bedroom and hasn't been used once. Bryan called me from Dick's sporting good telling me he is going to buy an elliptical. Bryan can't find a good deal on these since he needs one with an adjustable stride and no wheel in the back. His legs can't take the regular kinds.

We got in a big argument about it and he was insistent on getting it. I told him that he hasn't used the bowflex once sine we got it. Why in the world would he buy more equipment and let it sit there. Seems like a waste of money to me. He said his new year's resolution was to work out and it will help him all around. Well we all know that resolutions don't really work out. We hung up and didn't come to any real resolve. He came home with a recumbent bike which was a third of the price of the elliptical. He put it together last night an has yet to use it.

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