Wednesday, November 15, 2006

We Met an Angel

November 15, 2006

So we had a follow up with the docs today. I feel we finally got a lot accomplished. He said the graft mostly took except where it is bubbled up and leaking puss. Kind of gross, I know. We also got referred to EENT for Bryan's hearing test since I know he has lost some hearing, The sleep clinic because Bryan holds his breath in his sleep, The lab for testing of MRSA and then Infectious Disease to treat the MRSA. Bryan now gets to wear regular shoes, yeah!

Today was a good day as we went to Occupational therpay to sign up Bryan for his free guitar. While there we met this really nice man who does trips for the soldiers and those who would like to do sports with adaptive equipment. Well long story short we are signed up for an all expense paid trip to Vail in March and Aspen in April. It is sponsored by the Wounded Warrior Project. We are soo excited that we can hardly stand it. Bryan is so excited that he gets to snow ski again. Even if we are home by then we will still get to go, they will fly us from there and Bryan and I can go every year even if he is not at Walter Reed. They also do fishing trips, hunting trips, rock climbing, scuba diving (they just took some guys to Aruba), biking, etc. There is also a trip to Miami to bike from there to Key West in January. I think we might go! This was a huge morale booster for Bryan as he was so worried he wouldn't be able to do the things he loves anymore.

Also we are signing up for a therapy dog to assist Bryan. The dogs go through a rigorous training for 2 years. They can get drinks out of the fridge, pull you up the hill in a wheelchair, open doors, turn on and off light switches, etc. These dogs are super smart and we feel fortunate we can get one. There are two available for May but if we move off post then we can probably get one sooner. Bryan was happy about that.

After we left Bryan was talking non-stop about doing adaptive sports. He said he felt like this would get some of his old life back again. It was such a great thing to find out about. I can’t wait to go.

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