Thursday, November 2, 2006

Surgery again

November 2nd, 2006
Today was a hellaciously long day. Our morning started at a quarter till six only to wait in the waiting room for a mere 5 hours before taken downstairs to the PACU(recovery) room. There we waited another hour. Bryan and I ended up choosing a different method of anesthesia than before. We chose a block on the lower legs by injecting a shot into the spinal cord fluid. They had him on a drip with mild anesthesia...therefore Bryan did not have to be intubated or have a Foley put in. We felt this was our best option.

He left for surgery around 1:30. Dr. P came in about 3 to tell me that Bryan was in recovery. He is not able to get out of bed until Monday and then they will remove the wound vac and hemovac and change dressings then. They managed to find the only part of his thigh that is not damaged to be the donor sight. He got back into his old room at 5:30. Also I guess I was not clear before about the shrapnel in his thigh....they did not remove it...the internal medicine was right about the size but wrong about removing it because it was not even close to the unhealing wound and it was so deep it was close to the bone. It would cause way more damage to remove it than it would for it to sit in his body. Well that is all for now, we are exhausted.

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