Monday, November 27, 2006


November 27, 2006

Well last night we got a call from the front desk saying that my non-medical attendant orders were expired. I knew this because Bryan is assigned here. There is a stupid rule here that you are either assigned or attached. When you are assigned to a military post then your wife simply accompanies you. Being attached is when you are at a school or at a post for a shorter amount of time. We were told that for the Med Board Process being assigned was better. Well this has screwed us because I no longer get the non-medical attendant pay (69 dollars a day) and we can't stay in the Mologne house anymore. Being a non-medical attendant means that I am doing the job of a nurse and if they do not “hire” me as a nurse to care for my husband than someone from the hospital would have to. I am not simply accompanying my husband at his next duty station but caring for his medical needs.
In order for us to stay together and get our room paid for I have to be on Invitational Travel Orders. I was on Invitational Travel Orders until they assigned us to Walter Reed. If Bryan were single than he would be living with another soldier because they don't have room in the Mologne house for all these soldiers therefore I am not able to stay.
There is no way to in process until the Med hold company gets their act together and in-processes Bryan into finance so we can get our housing money (BAH) for Washington, D.C. which is more than double that we get back home. So our options were get a single room here at the Mologne house so they don't send me home, not possible b/c there aren't any available. Option two move into the Fisher house, can't do that because you have to be an amputee and come there directly after inpatient. Option three Delano hall, can't do that because I am female and can't shower with men in a community bathroom. Option four move off base, I called all the apartments within the 15 mile radius of Walter Reed that are furnished and have short term leases, none are handicap accessible.
I love how wounded soldiers and their families are left out to dry. I can hardly understand how this is possible. We are so stressed to begin with and we live in a hotel for God's sake, I would say that is less than desirable. As for right now our Social Worker bought us a few more days and we are going first thing in the morning to talk to the Housing assistant to see what is going on. This is such a shame. Please pray for us (sorry about the rant)

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