Sunday, November 5, 2006


Bryan was discharged from the hospital today. Bryan felt that this trip into the hospital seemed long and grueling because he wasn't heavily medicated. He began to realize what all I did for him and understood how long and miserable it was for me. He thanked me probably 100 times that day. He thanked me for dressing his wounds, for staying in that tiny hospital room with him, for dressing him and bathing him. He made me feel he really appreciated what I had done. I always knew that he appreciated me but he somewhat grasped what it was like to stay there with him. We took some pictures back at the Mologne house, I wanted to capture the look on his face. When I posted it on my various websites people wanted to know who did the photographry. We just held up the point and shoot camera and it captured it all.

I call it "Love"


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